Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's Coming

I see the weather turning. I feel the chill in the morning. I put little feet into little striped socks and I make sure that the long sleeve shirts and jeans are in the dresser drawers.

Autumn, late arriving as always here, seems to finally be coming to the front lines.
I wait with eager anticipation for the smell of other people burning wood in their fireplaces and I browse the soup recipes and bookmark bread making ideas for once the weather turns the rest of the way (perminantly) and I can turn on the heater and pack away the last of the sandals until next year.
I look at my Halloween decorations and take a deep breath of the Autumn scented candle burning on top of the piano and I know that soon the colors outside will make those inside and I can take Layla to pick apples and to gather leaves for craft projects.

I satisfy the overwhelming desire to stand outside in the rain and listen to the windchimes whipping in the night air by watching yet another movie from my collection of favorites and planning the Thanksgiving menu on my laptop.
I know it's coming... I can sense it... I can feel it in me... it feels like coming home.

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