Saturday, October 16, 2010

Turn Turn Turn

The life clock is ticking away and I find myself grasping for little moments in time trying to hold on to them as tightly as I can only to realize that time is slipping away from me no matter how much I try to catch it.

Layla had her 3 year old pictures this week. She's a totally different kid. Actually that sentence sums up the change...she's a kid now. KID.

Anyah has her 6 month check up next week. SIX MONTHS. Wtf? Didn't we just have a baby like yesterday or something.

Today I went yard sale shopping and out to lunch with my mom and both girls. Anyah sat in the high chair through the whole meal...that was a first. I fed her things off my plate (we live to break baby food rules) and Layla was an absolute pleasure.

I could get used to this. I took pictures to remember. My iPhone ate them.

Tonight Layla was scared to go to bed in her room. Last night right before Jon came to bed something happened (we don't know what) that scared her and she slept in our family bed (4 people + 1 bed= entertaining). Anyhow, tonight he took her upstairs armed with lanterns, glowing pumpkin flashlight, a glow worm doll (the only doll she likes by the way), a few stuffed animals, favorite blankets and best pillows and layed (still fully dressed in work clothes) talking and playing pretend with her until she was comfortable enough to stay in her room alone. I married the perfect man. Yes. I. Did.

Instead a studio picture from Layla earlier this week will have to hold you over. I am off TWO DAYS IN A still my heart... tomorrow I might actually get to finally clean the upstairs bathroom, or perhaps do some cooking/baking with my lovely little kid and if that falls through...I'll blog. Because as eager as I am to catch moments and log them here for all of eternity for my children to see...

I'm more eager to just have those moments.

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