Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Today, due to rotation, I am off work. Today is my Saturday. Ironically, Sunday is my Sunday. So the split has it's ups and downs. The upside is you have a day mid week to do things occassionally. The downside is when that happens it's several days until you're second day off. Not having two days off in a row, often times feels like you didn't have any days off. Losing this problem is one of the many things I am looking forward to about changing my job.

Today, the girls woke up VERY early. Anyah woke up when Jon left the house at 4 am for work. Layla only slept until 6:20. It was an early day. We stumbled downstairs in the "still darks" and we snuggled under quilts with the front door open (Layla insisted) and watched Olivia in the dark.

Eventually, we crawled out of our warm and cozy cuddles to try out a new roll recipe and make home made bread. Yummy! It worked out pretty well but we'll have to triple the batch for holidays and I want to practice it a few more times before Halloween.

Then we laid on the floor and played together. Me, my girls, and a pile of doggy treat shaped graham crackers... it was quiet. It was lovely. Eventually, Anyah took a nap in her crib and Layla got dressed. There was lunch...which Layla made for herself. Then Layla took a nap and Anyah played on the floor.

I talked on the phone to one of my girlfriends. I texted with people. I played words with friends. I had a long talk with an old church friend. Naps ended. I shared a Pepsi with Layla.

We put our shoes on. I took the girls to the craft store to get a feather for my "indian" costume for work tomorrow. Layla spotted a witch (a lovely woman in goth attire, with a tattoo and jet black hair). She yelled "a witch, mom, a witch, a real witch, look a witch" while pointing. I didn't die from embarrassment, I made her apologize for yelling at someone. She said sorry. Ironically, she wasn't being mean, she loved the witch. She probably would have let her come home with us. I would have let her come home with us. She was a HOT witch and she was hella cool. She was a bigger girl and she was beautiful. I hope she knows that, I wish I had told her.

Then a girls day at the park. We fed ducks salt free saltine crackers. Layla called the geese "giraffe ducks". We ran on the grass. There was a multi-school track event at the park. We watched other people run as we walked all the way across the park to get to the playground from our parking spot in hell the sun. I wore Anyah in the sling. She chewed on my braids and made happy noises at kids running around beneath us on the big wooden playground. She stared into the trees. Layla yelled "it's so fun" about 11 times at the top of her lungs. She hugged another little kid who then proceeded to chase her up and down a bridge at least 12 times.

We went hunting for shapes and much to Layla's suprise ended up back at the car (I'm a tricky Mommy) then we strapped up and went home to make Daddy dinner while Layla sang a song about ducks and slides. Anyah managed to get her hands on her socks and pulled one off. No one cried...we left the park and NO ONE CRIED. Parents everywhere just gave me 2 thumbs up.

At home I made tacos and we all ate dinner. Jon tinkered with the desk top computer. I downloaded pictures from my phone/camera. Anyah went to bed. Then I took a shower. Then after some Animaniacs and gold fish crackers Layla went to bed with her little lantern. The dishes got done. The floor didn't get redone (we just did it 3 days ago but those darn goldfish are everywhere).

The door is open and the candle that is burning smells like fall. I am excited to think that Christmas shopping, turkey leftovers and twinkling lights are going to slowly start making appearances in every day life. I don't even mind that I have to work a half day on Saturday because I know when I get off I am taking my big girl to the corn maze.

I find Autumn to be refreshing. I find the cool air stirs up things inside myself I almost forgot to acknowledge. And I day dream... not of things far off that I'll never get...but of things near by that I never want to forget...

Like how just another Wednesday could be the perfect day.

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