Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day & Night... months later

This little one, she's usually quiet. She hates being cold. She doesn't like having her feet covered. She sleeps on her side. She loves warm water. She hates change when she's already content.
This one, she is always talking. She loves running through cold sprinklers and playing in pool. She likes big fuzzy blankets that cover her from head to toe. She sleeps sprawled out in one of 30 different positions that can make 37 inches of human cover an ENTIRE queen sized bed. She loves playing in the bath so long the water gets cold. She is a state of constant change/ perpetual adventure and constant motion.
My girls they keep us on our toes. Then again we did buy the big one skates all on our perhaps we just like being on our toes.
But it's so cute when she says Skapes instead of skates... how could we not?
And the baby...she's just all sorts of cuddly lately. She may grow out of that someday so I am enjoying it as much as I can...
Plus it's so cute when she giggles when she knows you're gonna lay down with her in bed... how could you not?

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