Sunday, September 12, 2010


So back in October I was pregnant and sick...very you might well remember. I was so sick that I ended up with pneumonia by the end of winter. I was dizzy all the time and they told me it was probably an inner ear infection. I was ok with that diagnosis because dude I was pregnant and sick.
Then as the pregnancy got worse my vision kept getting worse and worse. Eventually, I started having vertigo and depth perception issues. I had preeclampsia and I was sick again so when they told me it was pregnancy related and that I was going on bed-rest I was ok with that.
Then I had a baby and my blood pressure went down and I got new glasses to correct my vision...but still I was haunted by the vertigo. I was on a cruise ship no one else was on. I was never dizzy... I am never dizzy. I was never light headed...I am never light headed. But I am very subject to spells of vertigo. That earthquake that only I's annoying.

By the time Anyah was 4 months old. I went to Anyah's check up and I mentioned it again to my Doctor. Doctors don't like it when you have vertigo for long periods of time, especially with loss of vision and loss of hearing only on one side. My left ear has always had worse hearing than my right.

So he checked me for all the chemical things... diabetes, thyroid, cancer, etc. When those results came back clear I got the news that I was going to need to have an MRI.

The Doctor was worried it was a tumor on or near my inner ear. He thought it might be a balance disorder or mineire's disease or perhaps even something like MS that affects your vision. He scared the shit out of me with maybe's and I agreed to the MRI.
I spent an hour last week in a tube listening to whirls and clicks and thunks while strapped down to a little table.
My Doctor is AWESOME and got the results back to me a day and a half later.
It's not my brain it's my eyes.
I am losing vision in only one eye. With that loss of vision I am losing depth perception, night vision and because one eye hasn't learned to give up the ghost... it's screwing with my life. Eventually I'll lose enough vision that I will have to choose between being pretty much blind in one eye or have corrective surgery.
Until then it's a party cruise around here...the boats a rocking...
But it's not a tumor and that alone makes whatever else they tell me is AWESOME.

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