Monday, September 06, 2010

In the last week

Layla finally decided that having a little sister is mildly entertaining. Her sudden interest in tickling, feeding, helping, playing, tormenting, attempting to carry and soothing the baby is down right adorable.
This change in perception seems to be brought on by the fact that the tides have settled from Mommy going back to work and Layla is finally over the 'jealousies'... but also by the fact that Anyah has jumped a few development milestones of her own in the last week making her much more interactive, able to play sitting up or standing for longer periods of time and all around more pleasant about her play time on the floor.
Helper Layla has had a few traumatic big sister experiences... she tried baby food and gagged, for example. But, she's decided that tickles and kisses get her just as much attention as Anyah and so she's spreading the love on pretty thick.
The last two weekends we haven't gotten to do much on our to-do list. Jon's birthday resulted in the adults going out twice while Nannie stayed home with teething Anyah and sick Layla (bless her heart. We missed Kylie's birthday and then this weekend we ran to the Fall Festival where I experienced the most trying 3 minutes of my life and resulted in 2 days of recovery time here at home. I did manage to get some great pictures of my mom with the kids at the parade (it was her BIRTHDAY). Good thing it was Labor Day weekend and I had an extra day to try and put myself back together... but I ended up canceling all my plans on Monday because emotionally it was draining.
I'm still super nervous about the MRI this week. Our Anniversary is 2 days away and probably will get some sort of honorable attempt at adults going out to dinner after payday on Friday. Going back to work full time is trying emotionally and physically just like it was last time only this time I have a toddler, a health issue and we're financially stretched thin so it's all about STRESS and SCHEDULING here at the Jeffery house. Jon's being a trouper about the fact that I talk his ear off several times a day in an anxiety riddled mess.
Good times.
No really, some of it is really good times.
You appreciate them more when you have to find them wading knee deep through bullshit.

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