Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shapes & Colors

Layla learns almost everything she sees on TV. Which means we are very selective about what we let her watch. We do let her watch most learning shows though. She just recently discovered Blue's Clues. She loves Blue because he's a puppy. She can watch him at Nannie's House on TV, at our house on DVD and in desperate times when distraction is needed we have been known to let her check out an episode on someone's YouTube iPhone application.

Blue's Clues has taught Layla a lot. The DVD we have is on shapes and colors. She now knows about 14 colors and all her shapes. (She knew about 6 colors before and 4 shapes)

So this week we have spent a lot of time looking for shapes in every day situations. The ball is a circle. The sandwich is a triangle. The blocks are a square. Eggs are ovals. You get the point...shapes...they're everywhere.

Then I got this idea. Let's make cookies that are shapes and we can mix frosting like Blue mixes colors on Blue's Clues. I said it on Saturday, by Sunday morning it was all Layla could talk about.

Layla helped me count the scoops of ingredients and mix, mix, mix.

We used a tupperware to make squares and triangles (cut in half). We used biscuit cutters to make circles. I own a star and a heart cookie cutter. We used the circle to make crescents and the parts left over to make ovals. Then Layla cut up some rectangles out of other shapes.

I made 3 colors of frosting. Red, blue and yellow which we then mixed to make orange, green and purple.

Good times.

She frosted all the cookies but 1 herself. And they are tasty. Yummy tasty. I love learning with food.

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