Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To Anyah @ 5 Months Old

My Little Anyah Bean,

You hear people talk about their children sometimes...they will say... it is like she's wise beyond her years... like she's been here before. You are that baby. My little people watcher. My quiet one. The snuggler. The baby who knows exactly how to get people to relax. The baby who just knows when things are not okay, or when they are going to be.
I was worried when I went back to work that we would lose some of our closeness but you light up every day when I come home and it makes me feel loved. You do your best baby gymnastics to try and flip yourself around to see me and you proceed to cry every time I leave your sight until the next day when I leave for work. It warms my heart the way you grin ear to ear when you know your whining and pleading has broken my resolve and I am in fact going to take you upstairs where it is quiet and let you roll around on the bed while playing with my hands and my hair.
You still love a lot of the same things... watching your sister play, pears, bananas, your own toes, purple elephant, jingle baby, sleeping next to mommy, warm baths, the wind chimes, breezes in the trees, snuggling, watching people, and sleeping while riding in the car. You've added a few things though... rolling over (your a big fan of the process but not the actual landing on your tummy), trying to grab the spoon before it gets into your mouth, the jumperoo (bounce bounce bounce), singing songs, and watching the puppy be crazy.
Your dislike list...well it's smaller but it's still the same stuff... cold in any form, loud/sudden noises, rollercoaster type games (you don't like moving too fast), the exersaucer, laying on your tummy. New to the list...peas and green beans... you're just like your dad on that one. It's ok though, there are lots of vegetables in this world and as long as you try them all... mommy has no food rules.
Right now you're crashed out on the couch which is amazing for many reasons, (1) it's not nap time, (2) your sister is singing at full blast and dancing to the Huffalump Halloween movie, (3) you don't normally sleep on the couch but mainly (4) I am typing something. Good Lord Child if you could calm down about the Anyah vs the Laptop battle I would greatly appreciate it. I guess you're so observant you've figured out when the laptop is out someone (mommy) is going to ignore you. But, geez, the instant freak out makes it hard to get pictures of your adorableness up on the website for your family who lives in other states.
This month you and your sister became BFF's. That's probably mommy's favorite change so far. I was worried there for awhile that she was going to resent you forever but alas Tuesday while I was getting ready for work you woke up and Layla had already moved into Daddy's spot because she accidently woke up when he left the house. So I went into the bedroom fully expecting her to be torturing you and making you cry. I must say I was shocked that instead she had pulled your blanket back up and stuck your bottle in your mouth. When I walked in she said "sister a crying, I fixed it, you go now". So I finished getting ready for work. You were quite smitten with her helping you out with your wake up process.
Halloween is coming and when it does there will be much love for your puggy little legs sticking our from your pumpkin costume. You have the cutest little thighs. Your long and tall though so your still going to be a very stemy pumpkin. A watchful and curious pumpkin, for sure, because you've already taken a lot of interest in the Halloween decorations I put up around the house to welcome Autumn (and entertain your sister). The thought of you and your sister sharing holidays from now on makes me happy.
Dennis Waitley says “Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude” and that is what your daddy and I are trying to teach you and your sister about life. But, I have a feeling that you already know that... something in the way you watch the people you love. I guess only time will tell that story.

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