Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crazy Times

When this posts I'll be at work. I'll be at least knee deep in ringing phone lines, paperwork, forms and computer databases. It's my life. I accept that sometimes I'll have to work when I don't want to be there.

On Saturdays, my little people stay with Daddy or Nannie (depending on the weekend) and I trudge off to miss the best parts of the day. My body says sleep in (even though it hasn't really done that since we had kids) and my mind says leave on your jammies but instead I drag myself from the land of silly socks and songs sung by cartoon characters dancing next to giant primary colored shapes...and I get the job done. I'm even able to say with reasonable confidence that I am pretty good at going to work.

But, I am better at being home. So earlier this month I was offered the opportunity to take a job change and flip our entire existence up side down. I discussed it with my husband. I discussed it with my mom (Nannie Playcare) and then I jumped in with both feet...

And my new job will work all night long. It will be exciting, new, and better paying. I'll come home in the morning (wearing jeans & crazy socks-no more dress code) and I'll eat breakfast and snuggle my babies. Then I'll take a nap, or two, or maybe three if I can swing it.

But I'll be home if someone needs me. I'll see Anyah's first steps and I'll get to take Layla to dance. I'll still be tired. I'll still be working. I'll still be mommy and wife and employee every single day. But I won't be trudging off during the best part of the day.

I'm blessed that I'll have people helping me get through it so I can sleep if I need to or take a break if I need to. I'm also blessed that I know I get have an adventure in every day life... one that someone will actually pay me to go on.

So the question gets asked daily. How can a mom of two little kids go to graveyard shift? The answer: How could I not take the opportunity to give my children more of me...even a sleepy me... if that was an option.

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