Friday, September 24, 2010

Wild Ones

I've never been fond of people telling me what to do. I've always been stubborn. I've always walked my own path, while beating my own drum and usually singing something at the top of my lungs. It's in my nature. I tell it like it is.
It's in her nature. The way her hair ends up in a wild frenzy 10 minutes after you brush it out. The way she drums on every surface around her, how she makes up songs with words that sound perfect to her own little ears. She's stubborn. She stands in her own path, a hand on each hip and tells you exactly what she thinks about what you're trying to do to.
I don't stop her from expressing it, the wild side, because I know penting it up will only make the urge to let it out twice as compelling and that release is twice as dangerous. I don't hush her or tell her that what she fills isn't valid.

If she says she is sad. Then she is sad, whether she should be or not is irrelevant because she is.
If she is happy, then she must be happy and who am I to tell her the face of happiness doesn't dance around in the walmart wearing shoes on the wrong feet.
It's important to me as a mom that she know I respect who she chooses to be. And while part of my job is to teach her to be mindful and respectful of others when it's appropriate I also take huge responsibility in teaching her to be mindful and respectful of her own nature so that hopefully someday she won't feel ashamed of the silly, smart and confident person she's growing into.

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