Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On Puppies, Birthdays & Adult Life

First things first, Layla's party is a puppy theme, because as you can see, she is still totally into pretending to be a puppy. She even licked Anyah... who has informed me...she is not scarred for life. Good times.

The birthday party invites didn't go out until Monday because mommy has a J-O-B and sometimes she doesn't have the time/money to run to the post office and buy a gazillion stamps. We never mail anything. I don't own stamps. It's 2010, the only reason Layla knows what a letter looks like is because Blue's Clues gets mail.

Today was my day to sign up for health insurance benefits and like every adult before me I got to weigh the difference between PPO and HMO. After that was done I had to fight the moral dilema between double insurancing or just having Jon's health insurance and my dental/vision. I went with option two because 1) my MRI was good and 2) I don't plan on having more kids. So for now we'll have one insurance like everyone else.

This week is schedule bidding at my work. On the 18th of October my work is changing their hours and everyone is bidding for new work schedules based on a rank determined by all sorts of things. My rank is pretty not awesome due to having a baby and being sick from having a baby. That's ok. There are no awful schedules just different ones then my first pick. I'll adapt. It's crazy stressful to think about change for me though so I am dealing with that part...poorly.

Anyah has decided that she doesn't like to be put down this week. Something about her mouth being invaded by giant teeth...honestly I didn't hear the exact explaination she was giving me because it sounded like SCREAM whine whine whimper SCREAM. Poor kid...

And that is that... 2 days down on the oh so normal work week.

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