Monday, September 13, 2010

Another Monday

This week will be a long one at my house. Jon works Monday through Thursday (long days every day). I work Monday through Saturday (a long week because of rotation). Despite the long work weeks we have a shockingly rare week with nothing out of the ordinary planned.
There will be dinners to make, baths to splash around in, clothes to fold and dishes to clean. You know... we'll be adults living the dream life... being parents...holding down jobs... watching TV at night before bed and feeding our addiction to scrolling through the internet on our iPhones.
Maybe this week I'll finally have time to get some pictures up on the girls website. Maybe this week I can actually try a new recipe or actually read a chapter of the book I bought in April and have yet to crack open. Or maybe... just maybe... I'll slip off into the quiet moments watching my girls learn to love each other, watching Autumn come to the Central Valley, watching each day roll into the next until finally it is Sunday and I can snuggle with my girls in bed in the morning.

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