Monday, October 18, 2010

Night & Day- Peek a Boo Version

When Layla was little I would cover my face and pop open my hands like shutters and say "PEEK a Boo!!" and she would laugh, kick, giggle and SQUEEL...wash/rinse/repeat. Good times. Fun game. The height of tiny person entertainment.
Also, with Layla she had a lot of tummy trouble from being a premie so we fed her baby mush for a long time. She was probably 9 months old before table food made regular appearances instead of being sneaky bites from people when they thought Mommy wasn't looking. She loved to eat baby food. When we switched to soft table food she loved her mashed potatoes and hated most of the sturdier cooked foods.
So now it's Anyah's turn and I cover my face and she gives me this (what on earth are you doing that for look- see above) and then I pop my hands open and she sighs. But, unjaded I try "PEEK a Boo!!" and she makes bitter beer face and cries.
So I bounce around and play and tickle until she laughs and think... ok she didn't know what to expect maybe I scared her so I'll try a softer approach. Dude- We.Can.Do.This.
I cover my face with her birdie blankie. She whimpers. I say "where's Anyah-bean?" and I start to pull it down (the whimpering continues) and when my face is revealed I say "there she is!" and she twinkles her eyes for about half a second before the single tear escapes her little eye.
I wait 2 weeks. Wash/rinse/repeat.

This baby HATES peek a boo.
She also hates mashed potatoes. This last weekend while at lunch with my mom she got to witness the 'mashed potato face' which is similar to the bitter beer face but with sound effects like a hair ball. (Least you think it's the table foods so early...she munched down some spinach, a little brocolli and some mushed up pasta-ness and her tummy -and the rest of her for that matter- are just fine).
Today I asked her if she was confused and perhaps thought she was Canadian because everyone likes mashed potatoes. She laughed. I think that's a no.
I honestly believe she is concerned for my sanity when I ask where she is when I clearly know she's right there. I also honestly believe any game where people pop out from behind things is not going to be popular in this house for a long time because the little one...she so doesn't like suprises.

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