Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Airplane Stores & Zoos

Sunday night I worked from 10 pm to 6:30 am and then I ran home and jumped in the car with my mom, Jon and the girls and we went "through the mountains" (as Layla likes to say) to San Fransisco and we "dropped Daddy off at the blue door Airplane store" where he has been "up in the sky" for several days (as far as Layla is concerned).

To distract from the fact that Daddy was getting on an Airplane and flying away from us we went to the San Francisco Zoo.

Me (with no sleep or makeup) and my two pretty girls at the zoo. Anyah was miserable in the stroller but once we pulled her out she liked the zoo.
We let Layla (for the most part) pick which way we walked and what we did. The zoo itself pretty much sucked and we'll be faithful to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo from now on... it is much better as far as my 2 cents are concerned.

We stopped for a bit for Layla to play at the playground and I put Anyah in the grass. It was a little damp so I set her on my sweater which lasted about 3 seconds because she moves now so she ended up on her belly in the grass.

Layla didn't enjoy the animals much *mainly because the zoo sucked* but she did enjoy the statues, playgrounds, walking, the gift shop, the lunch, and the picture stops.

She also liked the penguins and giraffes, as that's about the only 2 animals that didn't suck.

(see in the stroller she was SOOO unhappy) I forgot my new Sakura Bloom sling, it would have made my afternoon better...
But we didn't stay too long because after we drove all the way back I had to take a quick nap and go back to work. Good times.
Layla is very anxious to go back to the Airplane store where we forgot daddy. She'll be very happy when she wakes up Friday morning and he is here. Zoo's are nice, but they aren't distracting enough to stop missing Daddy.

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