Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Presents Were Wrapped (again)

Oh to be done Christmas shopping, but this year it just seems to linger longer and longer into December. It's been a long month. A VERY VERY long month. It's half way done and I feel like I've done it twice. Some parts of it I have done twice (or more).
I've had to re-wrap a few things. I keep putting the same ornaments on the bottom of the tree over and over again. I swear I've done these dishes already. Didn't I just pay rent.
And not necessarily in a bad way. I'm actually enjoying Christmas this year. Layla into the magical season finally and Anyah loves the music and the lights. My pants are all tight from the high amount of yummy treats I'm enjoying. I may or may not be singing Christmas Carols in the shower and going out of my way on the way to work to see the bitchin' lights displays around town.
Perhaps it's the anticipation of the look on Layla's face Christmas morning or the last few hold outs I'm still waiting for replies from in order to make my holiday calendar all tied up with a little red bow. It just seems like a lot of waiting...and suddenly I'm 5 again...and that advent chain seems so dang long.

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