Thursday, December 02, 2010

Day 4

On day four of Daddy being M.I.A. Layla has decided there is something HORRIBLY wrong and that we might actually need to run around screaming "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE". Of course, she is three, so she can't articulate that sense of panick and no amount of Mommy reassuring her and letting her talk to a peaceful and happy daddy on the phone is fixing it.

Yesterday she bit me. Then for good measure she peed on me while crying "Daddy takes me a potty, no you, a Daddy, I no go till Daddy comes." (At that point we had 24 hours left)

Today she has tossled between whining, screaming at me, whining, crying, screaming in general and then rinse, recycle, repeat.


Terrible 2's have been gone for awhile. I am not handling the Oh.My.God. FREAKOUT phase well.

Please send reinforcements, tell them to bring chocolate mice, malibu rum, pepsi and more ice.

And if you can't do that... just pray that Jon's flight arrives on time and that he gets home safetly because at this rate his child will still be up at midnight crying "I NO GO NITE NITE WITH NO DADDY" because that was how nap went down and at this point... Mommy has given up trying to tame the wicked wild child that just misses and loves her Daddy too much.

After all...

I sorta feel the same way when he's gone too long.

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