Thursday, December 23, 2010

Letter to Anyah @ 8 Months Old

My Anyah~Girlie,

If the last month was consistant in anything it was that you were in a constant state of change. You are such a beautiful big girl all the sudden and I love watching you learn and explore. Each little change you make sets you off on another adventure that leads you to yet another change, a never ending cycle of amazing discovery.

At the beginning of the month you started the army crawl which you have now mastered and can do as fast as most kids crawl on their hands and knees. You also, occassionally, take a few timid steps on your hands and knees. You can transition from laying to sitting and back on your own so you're all over the living room floor getting yourself into trouble and have successfully located every crumb of food off the floor for me.

In fact about a week ago your sister left a cupcake on her little white chair in the middle of the living room floor and much to both of our suprise you located the cupcake, took it off the chair and ate it. Yum.

You love to eat and to nap. You love to watch your sister and play with her. You love songs with clapping in them and the way your giraffe from the zoo feels when you chew on him. You have 4 teeth now. Four. Amazing. You use your four teeth like a rock star and love to eat anything we hand you (well except peas). You tip your head back and "nom nom nom" and I have started calling you my birdie girl because of the way you eat and the way you are always squeeking.

You're all personality and cuteness these days. You attempt to say "hi" when prompted letting out a loud "ha" sound and pumping your little hand open and closed. I thought you were going to make Mama your first word, your really close, you yell it instead of crying sometimes...but alas... you started yelling "laylaylaylaaaaaa" recently. So Layla gets the honor of being your first word. You like to yell at her when she is running around and it cracks me up.

You love the bath now that you aren't forced into the bath seat. I just sit you upright in the water and let you kick and splash with your sister until it's time to wash your hair. You also have a great appreciation for the Christmas tree and like to lay under it and talk to the lights while running pine needle covered branches between your toes. But nothing says Christmas adventure quite like your never ending quest to get bows off of the Christmas presents and ornaments off the tree. That tree of temptation could very well be the only reason you learned to crawl at all.

You like Kipper the Dog on the TV, Christmas rock music, stealing Layla's crayons and trying to eat them, graham crackers, the swings at the park, car rides, playing with people, rolling around on the big bed and toys...suddenly you're very into toys.

You dislike peas, cold water on your face, loud noises, strangers of the male gender and when Mommy leaves the room.

You're an easy baby with a big amount of love which you spill over on to people with a lopsided toothy grin and crazy hair. You make me laugh with your facial expressions and your constant bid for your big sisters attention.

How did we ever go so long without you?


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