Sunday, December 05, 2010

Random Sprinkles of Goodness it's a bullet point post... it's been one of those weeks people

  • Layla calls Christmas Lights "sprinkles" sometimes, it's adorable
  • Anyah is on the move and boy is she quick, she's a Christmas present bow snatching ninja
  • Jon has only been home a few days and already my house looks and feels much better
  • We got a tree (pictures to come eventually)
  • We went to the Downtown Turlock Christmas Lights Parade (pictures to come eventually)
  • We got Netflicks on Demand (this may increase the time it takes to get those pictures because OMG we have something to do)
  • I am not done Christmas shopping (I usually am by now) but I am close
  • I am done shopping for my girls which is really all that matters to me
  • Any suggestions for a dress to wear to my office Christmas Holiday Suprise Party? (Why it's a Suprise Party I do not know- considering we all obviously know about it).
  • This is my rotate week to weekends off so this week only I will be off TUE, WED, SAT, SUN (woo hoo!!)
  • I am not sure if I work Christmas or Christmas Eve so I can't plan anything
  • Costco tamales are yummy
  • I had PMS and no husband for a week... my kids lived... I want a gold star
  • Jon's mom is going to send me her fudge recipe which might result in non-crappy fudge

After asking for suggestions for my Christmas meal menu we're down to two options Lasagna or Steak. The one I pick will be soley based on time available and how many people RSVP.

So now Christmas opinion number two is needed. If you had to choose between chocolate cake with butter cream frosting or chocolate pie with whip cream...which would you have?

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Mel said...

OMG!! Mom's Fudge recipe is super easy and SUPER yummy!! I think that I actually enjoy making fudge now!!!

Yes you do get a gold start for PMS...No Husband...and the survival of the children!!! I do believe that is worth a Gold Star and some Pepsi and Malibu!! HA HA HA!!

Ok so the "Holiday Surprise Party?" Really? That is stupid! I have no clue what you should wear though, sorry my brain isnt in that gear anymore. I am wearing Jeans and a cute Red Sweater to our Church Christmas Party tonight, what does that say!! LOL!!