Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bonuses That Weren't Extra

My work gave out bonuses yesterday. I got half a bonus because I was out almost 6 months having Anyah. The economy is bad. The bonuses were much smaller than usual. I didn't have plans for a bonus being as I didn't know if we would be getting on.

My prayers are for the people I work with who were expecting a comparable bonus to the last 2 years and who instead got a small token of appreciation.

Times are tough. I am thankful I got anything. I am thankful I wasn't counting on it to feed my family because I know there might be some who were.


In other work related news, somehow I am being mandated to attend a confidential meeting next week on my day off during the day to serve as a "witness" regarding something that I want nothing to do with.

My bully is still an issue even when there shouldn't be an issue.

So much prayers in the work department would be much appreciated.

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