Monday, February 21, 2011

Top 10 Reasons We're Counting Down to the New House

5. The dishwasher here doesn't work so I wash all the dishes by hand (usually while Anyah screams "bup bup bup" (up) at my feet).

4. The oven doesn't maintain a constant temperature which renders my Mommy and Me cupcakes with Layla into a very very frustrating event.

3. Little kids need room to grow. Alternate wording: "please for the love of God go outside and play".

2. My living room is a toy store after a Black Friday sale. I can't wait until the room your stuff can be in is just down the hall.

1. Then at least we won't have to think about moving while WAITING any more.

Did I mention I have an anxiety disorder and no patience? Yeah... it's gonna be a long 40 ish days.

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