Monday, February 14, 2011

.love & responsibility.

I would love to say we spent Valentine's Day doing something romantic. Or perhaps to say that
we spent Valentine's Day surrounded by sweet treats, glued glitter trimmed hearts and craft paper, and tiny envelopes filled with cartoon decorated affirmations of love. But, the truth of the matter is... I hate the general concept of Valentine's Day. So in February I put up some decorations and the conversation hearts make an appearance but other than that it's a small box of chocolates for the toddler and a bag of red and pink M & M's for the hubby and we just let it pass like any other day. We say I love you. But, we say I love you daily, several times a day, without fail...and that to me is more special than a once a year candle lit dinner or some flowers that fade by months end.
Instead we focus our love on the day to day. We attach ourselves to the everyday. We teach our children that they are loved, and that every day is a good day to share love. And we enjoy some chocolates... because it's tradition and it's our responsibility to teach them the difference between the traditions that make us who we are and the ones that make a great excuse for extra fudge filling.

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