Friday, February 04, 2011


We've started talking about what we might like to do and how we might like to do it. Someday. Someday that far off day that may or may not find us where we expect it. But, our daydreaming does more than just keep us excited for the upcoming move, it fuels conversations with Layla who needs to be pumped before we take her out of the only house she remembers and stick her someplace new.
Your getting a new room.
Your new room will have a tall princess bed and a cave bed. (bunk beds)
Your new room will have all your toys and a place to read books with Mommy.
Your new room will have pretty new blankets and pillows.
Your new room is going to have a place for your train, your little piano and all your favorite things.
Oh, and by the way, you're gonna share it with your sister.
ah, yeah...
I'd say I'm sorry but we think it builds character, so despite having room to spread the girls out, we're gonna keep them nice and close together. At least for now.
Good times.

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