Friday, February 04, 2011

catching up the masses

Oh my, oh my how time does fly.
So we're waiting to move. We've given notice. We went out and purchased a new TV stand for the family room and a yard sale set of bunk beds for the girls new room. I'm hoarding funds until after my birthday in hopes that somehow I can get a new kitchen table and chairs since ours is falling apart. I day dream about paint now, which makes me feel rather adult-like.
Anyah went from barely pulling herself up on a Monday to walking along the furniture like a wobbly little penquin the following Friday. Today, we got her ears pierced (she was SOOO good). I picked up two birthday gifts for her already and I plan on getting as much done for her birthday before April gets here as possible, since we'll likely be moving week 1 of April, her birthday party in week 2 and Easter in week 3.
Speaking of Easter, when you ask Layla what she wants she says "make up, a Dora Doll, a baseball bat/ball and a puppy for me". One of these things she will not be getting until at least her next birthday, as a hint, it barks. I purchased my Easter baskets and the bunny is ready with presents so we'll make sure he hops down to the candy store at the last minute and we'll be set.
I've been getting bullied at work. It sucks. I finally turned the person in and the day after they reprimanded her she went out on medical leave. The after effect is that I will not rotate to weekends off during my normal rotation month of February and will spend next week working 8 days straight again, but you know what... totally worth it to have my positive work environment back.
Jon and I actually went to dinner alone earlier this week. We went to BJ's again and I had another lovely pomegranite margarita. Yum Yum Yum.
Layla has this new thing where she always wants to be doing something. It's always painting, or play dough, or stickers, or crayons or my least favorite the construction paper and scissors which result in thousands of tiny pieces of paper everywhere. It's a creative overflow over here and I don't think my carpet can take much more of it. But, boy is she happy. Toddler zen can be reached by applying a Nirvana Trifecta of Children's TV programing, messy craft supplies and chocolate milk. This interest in sitting down to "do" something makes me think she might finally be ready for a little structured learning. So far our, fly by the seat of the pants approach has given us a child that knows all her letters, her numbers up to 20, her colors, her shapes and most of her animals...but it would be nice if she could write her name on a line instead of across a WHOLE 8x10 paper and I think there is something to be said for projects that involve glue and actually create something.
I have a well documented Pepsi addiction, this week is the Super Bowl which means that the nectar of the gods is on sale EVERYWHERE. Needless to say, there will be more than one grocery run this week. Nothing says addicted like a stockpile that looks like an Oregonian preparing the commune for the zombie apacolypse.

And if that blog post isn't random enough for you, I've got nothing left to give :)

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