Thursday, February 17, 2011


Jon's back is out. I worked a lot last week. We're gonna move in less than 5o days. Furniture needs painted. Has anyone seen Layla's paint brush? The damn dishwasher is broken again. Why is the stove off? Look, I found that book I lost when I was pregnant. Don't pull on your sister. Don't put everything in your mouth. Oh no, she can reach the top of that all the sudden. Yes, pretend to be a dinosaur softer dear, someone is napping. I need a pepsi. Do we have time for an episode of NCIS? Another event to squeeze in before May, ok. What's that smell? I made dinner and only I ate it. Mommy needs a nap. Is that cheese in your hair? I don't care if Nannie would let you, Nannie isn't here. No that's your sister's give it back. Anyah needs picked up. Naptime again. Have we gotten the mail recently. I really do need to make that hair appointment. Birthday party decorations go in this box and Easter treats in this one. Don't eat playdough. Bathtime. Bedtime. No piano before 8 am. Stop pulling the pages out of that book. Work. WORK. work. Work. Clean up. Dishes. More laundry. Chocolate milk on demand. Sit on the step we don't pull on the baby. Stop screaming at your reflection in the glass silly baby.
and it continous without ceasing
the circus

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