Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Belated Valetine's Day!

I'm so behind this week. I didn't get around to putting Layla in her Valetine's dress until today. Luckily, she still had valentine cookies in her valentine bucket to pose with. *sigh*
For Valentine's Day I got a new bra (thanks Honey!) and a black eye. The shiner was from the baby who took a spill in our bed this morning at 5:15 and landed accidently on my eye. She was unphased. I look like I lied to my mob boss, or cheated on my husband and got caught, or to other my kid kicked me in the face during a diaper change...which I guess is pretty common.
This week will be extremely tight for Jon and I budget wise, so we spent Valentine's at home with a friend playing Munchkin (my favorite card game) and the boys had a little to drink after the baby went to bed...and then they played video games after I went to bed.

As far as valentine's go... it was pretty good for the plastic commercial heart holiday. There was upset, laughter, and later a black eye... but there was cake... everything is better with cake.

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