Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Heart BlackBerry BackUp

Ok... so the phone died. You know that part. But what you don't know is why... well it broke because some lady I knew in highschool sent me a forward (which she does a lot) and my phone previewed it which counts as opening it (just like the view window in outlook) and it had a virus.

The virus was wimpy so it didn't hurt my PC but it killed my phone. The phone started eating any message that I sent out, most messages that I recieved via text, etc...

It was tragic

But, my phone is under warranty and it was supposed to have virus protection... so now two days after I made my complaint to AT & T wireless the nice people at Blackberry have sent me a cranberry red pearle just like my last one...

Minus a virus.

Jon is currently putting my myspace back on my phone and thanks to the Blackberry back up on my PC from the 10th, I only lost whatever messages I received (and didn't notice missing) since last Thursday.

It even kept my bookmarks for the internet.

I love this phone.

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