Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's in her blood

She comes from a long line of talkers, trouble makers and daredevils. I should have known what I was getting into the first time she screamed with joy as Jon threw her in the air. But, I didn't see it coming.
She is absolutely fearless, she has great balance and I swear she thinks she's two. She knows some of her colors, how to count to 4, and a few of her letters on sight. She can sing all of itsy bitsy spider, do all the hand motions for at least 3 other songs and she doesn't skip a beat when it comes to dancing to music when she hears it.
She's a genius. I know all moms think that but I've started comparing my kid to others. So I asked her Dr casually on her last visit and he gave her the 2 year old test...which she passed at 14 months. So now we're 16 months and while I listen to other kids hack out their 10th word, or echo phrases but not use them on their own. I secretly sigh in relief that I won't have to worry about her reaching a milestone for awhile now...being as she passed most of them early.
She sleeps in her own bed, she eats well and with utensils and straws, she even tells you what she wants most of the time.

I am blessed. I am so blessed.
I especially realize that now that I work at a place that specializes on helping people with health issues. Every day I talk to parents with children who have Autism or Asberger's or sometimes things far worse than that. Parents who talk about how their kids repeat words they say but don't really talk on their own, or who's children were late to walk or late to feed themselves. People who worried as their kids had trouble with social issues like biting or hitting way past when they should have. I spoke to a mom yesterday that said she always wondered but she didn't figure it out until her two year old only said words after they said them and still hadn't walked. terrifying that sounds to me.
And I pray... I pray that I stay this blessed, that she is always healthy and happy and whole.
Then I pray more... for the other's I know who are blessed with children, or who are about to be blessed with children. Because sometimes you're work effects how you view things...and I wish mine never really did.

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Layla's Nana said...

You know Allie, we really are so blessed, after all... she was the baby that some doctors felt would never be born and yet, she's amazing!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!