Sunday, November 15, 2009

Budget Blow Outs

After stalling for as long as possible today I made the trip to get the items needed to create our family Thanksgiving Feast. For the most part the menu stayed the same. I added a coconut cream pie for my dad because he asked.

To make up the cost of expensive holiday meals usually I use this time of year to clean out my freezer by making things I already have. Back when the fridge was on the fritz (before we got the shiny new one) I think it killed all the meat in our freezer. The last two packs I ahve defrosted have been bad. So plan C for chaos took over and we've been eating a lot of random things around here.

I decided to supplement plan C and bought some food for the next 2 weeks as well and I left the store with a free turkey (my purchase was over $100 and they are having a special) and $135 worth of groceries (really it was about $30 more before the coupons so would that be $165 worth of groceries for $135?).

I got a 15 lb turkey. That's a lot of turkey for 6 to 8 people so I got the worlds smallest ham. Really, ham here will be like a side dish not a main course. I'll start making things by this Friday. Cranberry relish and boiled eggs store well. I will also do a lot of my chopping Friday so that Thanksgiving morning (or the week before when I have to work) I won't feel overwhelmed.

This year I am going to attempt grandma's yeast rolls. Someone might want to grab a bag of Costco rolls in case I mess it up. Other than that...I suddenly feel much more prepared.

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Layla's Nana said...

yummmmmy stuffing!