Thursday, November 12, 2009

Really November

Dear November,

You're starting to get on my nerves. You started with the death of one of my favorite people. Then you took out the fridge for 2 days (off and on so we couldn't decide what to do). The bank account is in the red. My high risk pregnancy has had enough contractions that I am honestly confused when I don't have them. You welcomed the start of Layla to Preschool which almost killed me. And then when I thought I couldn't handle anything else you threw in a few calls about my car, an email to the landlord and last but not least...the plague.
My darling daughter who took to Preschool like a fish to water was rewarded for her good achievements with a cold/flu. And while I'm glad she doesn't show any H1N1 factors as of yet, I'm still pretty pissed I've got a sick kid. I just had a sick kid 3 weeks ago during my WHOLE vacation.
I had to call in sick after a week of bereavement, picture how well that went in your mind. My husband spent half the night freezing to death in a rocking chair watching fairy movies with a screaming kid that couldn't breath. He has plans this weekend. That's just not nice.
I got the joy of laying in bed listening to it all until I decided to call in sick and since that lovely 6 am hour when I called in I have had snot in my hair, peanut butter on my shirt, and she sneezed down my pajamas. I've alternated between oh-god-hold-me-now-or-I-shall-perish and why-are-you-touching-me-STOP-it's-killing-me every 2 minutes.
I feel horrible that you've made me worry about my unborn child the whole time I am holding my sick toddler. What is that all about? I didn't know you were Catholic but that guilt, it's got promise, maybe you should convert. Being crawled on and collapsed over by the germ cannon formerly known as Layla scares the crap out of me.
I also really like the part where whenever one of us decides to hand her off to the other one she spends 20 to 30 minutes in healthy appearing euphoria just so we think the end is in sight...when oh is so far from over.
Tomorrow is Friday the 13th and I work where crazy people call in on the phones. Then Jon has a busy weekend. Which will keep us rolling right up until Thanksgiving, then Black Friday and then the countdown that you bring until December and Christmas.
I know you're not done with me November, I just want you to know I'm on to your evil plot. You will not make me a grinch no matter how hard you try. You are not the boss of me.

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