Sunday, November 08, 2009


This is Layla demonstrating the proper method of tasting frosting. If you lick it and it doesn't taste good, why bother picking it up and eating it?

And, yes as a matter of fact I am the pillar of good parenting. This is my child having her Halloween cupcake for breakfast the day after Halloween in her pajamas. Be jealous.

She starts school tomorrow and while today should be a joyous day of cuddling and hanging out and eating too much's really just looked a lot like every other day of our life, except I'm charging the camera battery and writing on lunch boxes with permanent marker.

After the funeral yesterday I was so tired that I fell asleep the minute Jon left the bedroom. I slept straight through the night and only got up once (I'm preggers I gotta pee yo!) and Jon (bless his heart) let me sleep in. It was amazing.

Everything will be back to the new normal tomorrow. School three days a week. New work schedules. Dinners to make. Lost shoes. The planning of turkey day. The forgetting of important things on the grocery list. Lost paperwork. Dealing with the landlord (the fridge broke). All that boring adult stuff.

I think we've pretty will got this adult thing as licked as it's going to get at moment. It's not as yummy as a cupcake, but it will do.

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