Tuesday, November 10, 2009

LaylaBug's First Day of Preschool

I put her in the car and she screamed to go back home. I drove while I quietly prayed and dripped a few tears. We arrived and she said "I go play". We got out of the car, signed a few papers in the office and she went to her classroom. Then she proceeded to completely ignore me while I worried sick about her freaking out when I left. Other bigger kids played with her because it was free play time and she's cute and new. I said goodbye and gave her a kiss and she ignored me. I left and cried on the way to work.

I called once. They said she was wonderful and it was like she had always been there. And they were impressed that during circle time when the class counted to 10 with the teacher she kept going until she got to 13 when most of the kids can't make it to ten.
Mom and I went to pick her up on my lunch break and she went home with Nannie. We wanted to start with half days. When she saw us she was TOTALLY ready to go and spent part of the evening alternating between being mad at me and wanting to keep me in her immediate line of site.
Day one, she officially liked school. They tell me when I bring her back on Wednesday (for day 2 since she goes every other day) she will probably cry and wrench out my soul. So, I am smart, I am making Daddy go abandon her on day 2 and I will pick her up because I have the day off.
My baby goes to school.
*excuse me while I weep some more*

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