Monday, November 30, 2009


Let me tell you that today I feel exceptionally pregnant. Sometimes that happens when you have the little bun in the oven. Some days you only get 2 hours of sleep because you're kid was wheezing, coughing and gasping all night next to you in bed and no matter how hard you try you spend 9 hours imagining ways to strangle someone's cat with your bare hands instead of sleeping. Call it hormones. But sometimes you just can't relax.
I woke up today with still swollen ankles (which I've never had before), dark rings under my eyes, a tummy sore from contractions off and on all night and someone else's snot in my hair. I took Layla to school for her FIRST FULL DAY. Called her Dr to ask some allergy questions. I went to work. I got a review. I couldn't kick the feeling at work and I arrived at my OBGYN appointment this afternoon looking rather like a drowned rat minus the water.

I was just SOOOO tired. I was SOOO hungry. I was SOOO upset that my kid is suffering for no reason and it's getting worse instead of better. I was SOOO done.
So he started with the heartbeat monitor. Because that always eases a pregnant ladies mind. And there was bean, thumping away like a champion. He diagnosed my edema (it happens). Gave me a "not to do" list which was pretty short and sent me home.
21 days until my gender ultrasound and all I am is REALLY REALLY tired and slightly swollen. Last time by week 17 I had to get an emergency ultrasound (again) and we got our gender early but it came with a whole lot of worry and prayer that I don't have to deal with this time.
But the funniest moments of my day...there were 3... my Dr when answering allergy questions joked about buying new grandparents because it's easier then getting better allergy treatments...haha Canadian humor. Moment 2... my OBGYN suggested I lower my stress level...perhaps by locking myself in a room and watching reality TV all day... ha ha...OBGYN humor. And moment 3... my daughter just asked for a piece of fudge and I said "ok it's Christmas". So then she's doing something "no no" and I tell her to stop...and she says "ok it's Christmas"...haha toddler humor.

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