Monday, November 23, 2009


Today Layla woke up in our bed to find that Jon had gone to work and Mommy was in the shower. So she toddled over to the bathroom and pretended to tickle me through the shower curtain while I finished washing my hair. Afterwards, I got dressed, then she got dressed. I did my hair, then she did her hair. And downstairs we went.

I asked her what she wanted for breakfast and everything was met with NO!

After several days of struggling with mornings I didn't want to push her over the edge so when she pointed at the ding dong box I didn't even hesitate. A ding dong is no worse then a donut or a waffle covered in butter and syrup. So I handed it over with a tall glass of milk and a vitamin. Sometimes, you just need cake for breakfast.

I sat down and had a ding dong myself. Then we threw on our jackets and sang Christmas songs in the car on the way to day care.

Layla has a love hate relationship with daycare. Today she was in love, she ran into the building, kissed me and waved my good bye. See-you Mommy!

I was at work 10 minutes early. It was weird.

I came home to an equally happy baby who napped well, snacked well, had good naps.

I made 3 pies (last one is in the oven now).

Then I opened a cabinet and CRASH! Out dropped my margarita pitcher which shattered on the ground. I bribed Layla with goldfish crackers in the living room and set to clean that up.

Right as I got the floor glass free. CRASH! I hit a serving bowl with the broom. And glass cleanup started over.

Maybe I'll wait for tomorrow to do more Thanksgiving prep. It's been such a good day, I don't think I need more than TWO crashing omens to take the hint that it's time to rest.

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