Friday, February 26, 2010


So if you read my facebook you know that today I got the email from WebMD that says "welcome to your 8th month new mommy" and then I hyperventilated right there with my laptop on my lap. They jumped the gun... I have 4 days left dang it!
After my "oh my god I'm not ready panic" cleared up I went to work which would have been highly boring except right before my lunch break I got a text from my mom asking me to meet her and Laylabug at McDonald's for a suprise lunch date.
Lunch was yummy... Layla got to play when it was time for me to go back to work and Mom took a picture for me. Isn't she cute?
In the last week Layla's vocabulary has improved dramatically. her annunciation is getting much better and since we've cut back the whining by going back on the schedule she's been much easier to communicate with. Maybe this 2 kids at once thing won't actually kill me...maybe...

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