Thursday, February 04, 2010

Wonky Perspective

I feel like I have been pregnant FOREVER. On the opposite side of the spectrum, up until today I felt like I was going to continue being pregnant FOREVER. Isn't April like 990 years away? I thought so.
There is another girl at work that is also pregnant. Her due date is about a week after mine. Today she sends me an email that says "isn't it hard to believe that in about 10 weeks we'll probably be out on maternity leave?"What??
I grab the calendar, in my that can't be right smugness and I count the weeks. Holy crap! Assuming I don't work past 37 weeks (most people don't) I have less than 10 weeks left. Um... someone start the bat signal we're gonna need a super hero.

Ten weeks doesn't seem like enough time. I guess it was the pregnant belly that never really grew but I just feel like I am not even half way done and I'm almost 2/3's of the way done.
Guess I better actually send my baby shower invite list to the person giving me a shower NEXT MONTH. *sigh*
Time got away from me again.

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