Saturday, February 13, 2010

I love to love you

Ree over at Pioneer Woman (whose food blog I have read religiously forever and a day and yet do not know in real life) has a list of things she loves on her blog. I loved the idea. So I'm stealing it... Feel free to hop over to her list and check it out/add to it.

Here is mine.

I love....

new flavors
dove milk chocolate
baby feet
watching anyah roll around in my tummy
the way my toddler says the word sorry
my borderline hippie husband
snorting laughter
pedicures i don't have to pay for
good books
road trips
pepsi with lots of ice
music that makes you want to move
squishy soft bedroom pillows
girlfriends who understand what you mean when you say the wrong thing
board games
the sound of a baby singing herself to sleep
visits from friends
my dad's laugh
the way having your mommy around makes you feel safer even if you're not
stories that are still funny the 3rd time you hear them
co-sleeping in the family bed
the smell of new baby and dreft detergent
getting saucey
pink laptops
chocolate mice from the local bakery
bubble baths
toddlers who aren't scared of anything
chicken tacos
new shoes
jeans that fit
MAC N5 studio fix concealer
family traditions
pajama days
the way my wedding ring has made a perminent indentation in my finger
christmas morning
baked potato soup
when my husband and I talk all witty and sarcastic to each other
rainy days
movie nights
when layla pretends to be a puppy
singing along with the radio
margaritas at midnight
festivals and fairs
my imagination
making lists
and you....

I'll add more later... I can think of thousands of things...this is fun and uplifting, you should try it.


Anonymous said...

Good brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

Mel said...

I love this Allie...I just might have to steal this myself!!