Sunday, February 14, 2010

International Florist Awareness Day

Single people hate it. Dating couples plan for it. Married people learn that it doesn't matter. Little kids can't wait for the red wrapped candy. Florists wait all year for a chance to celebrate it.


It doesn't require a florist, chocolates in a heart shaped box or a red/pink outfit.

It doesn't ask you to spend your money, your time, or your hard earned happiness on searching out that last.perfect.wonderful. item that you didn't know you needed to get until you saw it.

Love is moments

And I assure you they aren't the planned ones.

So hug a florist if you want to. Get a hallmark card. Buy some chocolates. Make a date.

Because when love finds you, it won't be because the day had a heart around it on your calender.

And that's coming from someone who kissed her husband for the first time on valentine's day. Because what was love then... well it can't even add up to what love is like now that we've had thousands of moments to cultivate it.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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