Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Marching Along

I swear that February didn't really happen. Last time I checked it was January and then today I look at the calendar and February is almost gone. Time flies when you've got a job, husband, toddler and baby on the way.

I literally had an OBGYN appointment and Valentine's day both sneak up on me while I wasn't looking. It's ok, I've got my eye on Easter so at least when April arrives I should be prepared for that one. But, between now and then we've got all sorts of things on the calendar.

March brings my baby shower, my co-worker/work baby shower, my birthday (along with a few other birthdays) and St. Patrick's Day (oh green beer, I will miss you).

Speaking of my birthday. I recently got a request for gift ideas. So um...

Old Navy Giftcards for clothing to be purchased after Anyah comes. I'm already down almost 2 pant sizes without giving birth...so I know I'll need new pants at the very least once the baby comes.

NCIS or Gilmore Girl seasons on DVD. We don't have cable and I'm about to be home ALOT.

Some spa time, I could definitely use a hair color touch up, a pedicure, and an eyebrow wax before I have a baby and people start taking my picture a lot.

Gift cards for places to go eat. The more pregnant I get the less I want to cook.

How pathetic is that list? Very. But the truth is... I have a wonderful daughter and a wonderful daughter on the way and my focus is on the little things.

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