Friday, February 12, 2010

I heart you.

Oh internet, how I have missed you. Granted, without you in my life the dishes actually get done in a timely fashion (wait mom did those for me)...nevermind.
This week has been totally random. We had the internet drama. We had the teething toddler that gave herself an asthma attack yesterday in a chinese food restaraunt and then purged her dinner all over the floor. We've had the unborn child who only moves at 2 a.m. making it impossible to sleep.
Valentine's day is quickly approaching, which matters if you like that whole flowers, chocolate, excuse to go to dinner thing. We don't. We might go to dinner some time in the next week or so but it's because we like to eat and we have had some adult time lately and Jon and I like it.

I bought cupcakes. Happy heart day. Take it or leave it.
I don't need a holiday of spending beyond my budget to know Jon loves me. He takes out the trash and tucks Layla into bed every night after he puts her into pajamas and that's enough for me.

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