Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nannie Day Care

So after laying out the rules I waited for my mom (a.k.a. Nannie day care) to throw down a giant "oh hell no!" but she didn't so far she's been a trouper about trying out the things we're doing. The result, 1 week in, is that Layla is already more calm and acting more like her old self.
It's a balancing act. Nannie fun time, Mommy fun time, Daddy fun time all balanced against baths, hair brushing, lunches and naps. Good stuff.
Plus I knew if Nannie was on board it would help tons. After all, Layla worships Nannie most of the time. I think if Nannie had a puppy I'd never see my daughter at all. There are worse things that can happen to a child then spending all day most days wrapped in Nannie love, right?

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