Monday, March 01, 2010

My poor mom and husband

So as with last time it's nearing the end of my pregnancy and I have a lot of anxiety and I'm still high risk... the result of which is that other people are shouldering responsibilties that normally I take care of. My mom, of her own accord, ends up here several times a week when she isn't even watching Layla doing things like bathtime help or dishes occassionally just to give me reprieve. Jon is setting up cribs when I am not looking and keeping the house work under control when I get overwhelmed.

And while we're all counting down to meet Anyah, I think part of that count down is for some of us to just be able to stop worrying... at least for me.

Now my grandfather's wife has taken a turn for the worse at 78 years old and her family is all in TX so mom's burden doubled with having to help them whenever she isn't helping me.

I feel pretty crappy about it. So I guess this is a prayer request for those of us stuck in stressville...that we all make it out alive.

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