Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stressful Stopping

So every single OBGYN appointment for a few months now I mention to my OBGYN that my vision is very blurry, I can't read far away, my depth perception is wonky and I have no night vision. On every single visit he tells me it's just high blood pressure symptoms from swelling in my eyes and not to panic because it will go away after the baby is born.

About a month ago I stopped driving in the dark. For the most part I only drive when it's necessary work and back, to the store, to the bank...stuff like that.
Today after work I was exhausted, it's been a long week. I took Layla to McDonald's in broad daylight to get her a happy meal for dinner and me a burger so I could rest this evening instead of making dinner.
I obviously can't be trusted to drive in broad daylight anymore, I sorta clipped a pole. The McDonald's employee blew me off when I mentioned it. Something about that's why the big poles are there.
I panicked in the parking lot. I couldn't get Jon on his cell or work number for a minute there. There was no structure damage to my car, the pole or the people in the car. So I nervously, cautiously, at the speed of an elderly person...drove home.

I parked in the garage. I let my kid play in the car with her happy meal (she likes that) and I took the picture above.
Then for awhile I squated out in the garage and scrubbed yellow paint off my car. There appears to be one small scratch, which isn't much considering how shaken up I was. So we came inside and had dinner.
I got ahold of the hubby who calmed me down some. Anyah seems to be moving around just fine (we barely bumped the pole) so I am sure she is fine. Layla may or may not have learned a new curse-word, she used it right after I did. But she's fine. In fact, she enjoyed "washin" the car with a towel with me.
All in all, no big deal...except it's a huge deal and yet a HUGE deal. My husband said from now on I only drive directly to and from work. I don't even want to drive to the end of the driveway and back. Do you know how much life will suck without driving? And I do not want to do it at all... that should tell you something, right?
Tomorrow I'll call the OBGYN and give them an earful. Blowing people off sometimes ends badly for everyone involved, this could have been MUCH worse.

Praise Jesus it was just a trial of the emotions and not something much more scary.

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