Wednesday, March 03, 2010

What if I...

  1. travel to europe with my kids & husband to take cheesy pictures in front of famous places in history
  2. take a vacation to mexico without the kids & drink too much and eat tacos by the sand with my husband
  3. host a girls event monthly at my house (book club, recipe group, bunco?) where people can laugh & enjoy each others company
  4. taught my daughters every family recipe I know so that someday they can teach their daughters
  5. went camping in big trees with my hippie friends and played cards next to the fire well into the night while talking about ghosts and the good life
  6. hosted a catered big event for my family to have just as a family reunion once a year at someplace local so everyone would come
  7. created a piece of artwork I was so proud of that I hung it in my livingroom and smiled whenever I thought of it
  8. owned my own home where my kids hung out and swam in a pool in the backyard while my husband bbq'd and I fiddled with the garden in the summer
  9. understood my relationship with God well enough to explain it to someone else who might need to hear about it to be able to start their own relationship with God
  10. viewed my life skills and spiritual gifts more as an opportunity to do something AMAZING and less as a trial of endurance
  11. finished writing my book, even if it isn't published wouldn't it be cool to say it was done and that I know how the story ends
  12. danced in the rain like no one was watching even if everyone was watching because I really didn't care
  13. found a job that I could enjoy enough to spend the rest of my life doing it and if that job also happened to pay a respectable amount of money...that would be an even better what if
  14. my family traveled to every state so my kids could see all the cultures that exist just within their own culture
  15. taught my children to love themselves, to be confident with the skills God gave them, and to be content with an every changing life
  16. I made the world a better place for just one person
  17. had a home that became the sort of place people went when they wanted to be somewhere because they felt loved well and welcomed as soon as they entered the door
  18. saw the world both in it's beauty but also in it's places of deep need...from the beauty of Australia to the slums of Africa and everywhere inbetween
  19. could get together regularly with my favorite people and play games, eat good food and laugh at the world around us

This post is a work in progress and will often be republished/updated/edited when I feel it needs to be. It is based on the post below. Thanks!

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Lynn said...

Numbers 5,7, and 12, are awesome! You should definitely do them. And you have already accomplished number 16.