Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All Home

So I've been off work now for um...5 days... and while there has been a lot of resting there has also been a lot of getting stuff done so that I don't have to think about it anymore. After all in 6 weeks give or take there will be another baby in this house. A small one- that probably expects to have clean clothes ready for it.
So the resting is being alternated with Jon and Mom helping me get things done. Whether that's a trip to Target or a trip to take in my SDI paperwork depends on the day. It's been interesting. I especially like that I get to nap with my Laylabug today and any day that I darn well feel like it for awhile.
Today being the day of all things Irish we had leprechaun pancakes (very small- gold coin size) of which Laylabug ate about a million. And tonight I might see if Mom wants to have corn beef and cabbage tacos like my Grandma Darlene used to make being as she's been nice enough to offer to come over on the nights when Jon closes and help me get the toddler to bed.
I've moved into the uncomfortable phase. Just in time for my birthday. Good thing I opted out of big birthday fun for something smaller...with cake.

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