Sunday, March 28, 2010

Birthdays and Cats

My family birthday dinner accidently exposed Layla to too much cat dander and we spent that night listening to our toddler scream while writhing in circles trying to claw off the flesh from her face, hands and feet in a half asleep craze of itchiness. It was an on again off again experience that was unpleasant to the 9 months pregnant woman toting a toddler that she's not supposed to be carrying and for the daddy who is worried about his wife and daughter and had to get up the next day at 4 am for work. It was a long night.

A night spent talking over the whimpering toddler about how the only time we have this problem. A night spent talking about how ridiculous it is that we're still talking about it months later. Mostly, a night talking about what to do about it.

By the next morning I was beat. Mom was coming in the morning to help watch Layla and had to manage most of the morning because I just didn't have the strength or the flexibility in my already high blood pressure. We decided a car ride might be in order and the result was some yard sale finds (I'll post about that later) and lunch at Mr. Pickle where I introduced my mom to the Hot T which is my favorite sandwich.

Naptime was much needed. I am not sure how Jon managed to get up for work at 4 am and still be awake at my birthday dinner with George and Devon without taking a nap. I took a 2 hour nap and still woke up physically spent. But dinner with George and Devon was awesome.

Before dinner, Jon and I picked up a few baby registry items and I spent a little birthday money. After dinner, we got to hang out with them a little more. I'm glad I paced my birthday celebrations I don't think I could have managed one jam packed day.

Today brings lunch and pedicures with a girl-friend. This will be the last stop on the birthday bandwagon (tonight we have an event to go to but it's not birthday related). Turning 31, minus the cat dander was amazingly simple.

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