Wednesday, March 24, 2010

House Arrest

Not being able to drive is driving me crazy. I just thought I'd let you know. It's not the part where I have to let other people drive me or the part where I can't go anywhere without making arrangements...that part isn't so bad. It's the part where you can't do anything spontanious and cool. For instance, this morning my daughter got up and wanted to get dressed and go bye bye in the car...but um... Mommy can't drive. So instead she got up, got dressed, and then she played downstairs and looked longingly out the door a lot. I used to drive occassionally just for the time alone, now I get alone time in the shower...maybe... it's interesting. Jon is working his butt off to make me not go insane and to keep his own sanity in the process.
Today all the patience at my house is taxed. Everyone has had a long week. Everyone has been surrounded by people all week. No one has had the pleasure of sleeping in. It's not pretty. AND, I get to sorta escape for a little while. My mom is taking me to see Alice in Wonderland for my birthday this afternoon. I have visions of buttered popcorn dancing in my head. I also have a husband who rocks. He's working 6 days in a row this week and ending with my birthday/the wrestlemania gathering and he's still gonna watch the toddler without complaining so I can go to the show.
Speaking of things that are pretty and taxing... that kid right there. This picture is from last week. Her Nannie bought her some Ghetto-rrific glittery butterfly hair clippies and she insisted on wearing the WHOLE package at once. That's 14 butterflies if you are counting. That's 6 colors. That's very hard to fit on a tiny head. Mommy made it happen though with this fabulous up-do which is shown with her favorite pj's but later was even sported to the grocery store once she got dressed. It didn't survive naptime though...thank you Jesus. And she hasn't made me do it again...praise the Lord. It was so tacky. But, they tell me tacky is cute when you're two.

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