Saturday, March 13, 2010

Important things of note

Yesterday was my last day at work. I ended up leaving early because I had an OBGYN appointment to check and make sure my blood pressure wasn't too high after my fender-not-bender. At my appointment, the general conclusion was my eyesight is bad enough that I shouldn't be driving and if I can't drive I can't get to and from I'm home. He said to take partial bedrest and gave me a don't do list that wasn't very long. He sent me home and I called work and started sorting out SDI paperwork which I'll still be working on Monday. I'm a little worried about being out so early and when I'll have to go back post baby. I'm also a little worried about money. But, I'm not worried about dying in the car so that's a nice change.

Jon's cousin Sarah made the trip up last night to throw me an awesome baby shower today. We had it at a local mexican food place everyone loves. My mom made the cutest little favors and Jen got an adorable cake and it was good times. Anyah got some great stuff. (Pictures probably tomorrow I'm tired now and I have heartburn so I am not putting forth the effort).

After Sarah left to head back home we ended up running Layla to my mom's for some free babysitting/Nannie time and we went out to visit with our friends George & Devon who I always love hanging out with. Then we returned somethings we had gotten duplicates of to the Target and got some other things that we hadn't recieved off the registry. We also finished the shopping for Layla's Easter basket so I don't have to worry about that holiday anymore.

So now it's just the count-down to my birthday and a few small errands that need to get run tomorrow. Anyone want to take a pregnant lady that can't drive to Walmart and the grocery store?

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