Monday, March 22, 2010

A Million Little Things

I am going to be home for awhile. Some of that time I'll be on partial bed-rest (like now) and some of it I'll be recovering from having a c-section (a few weeks right after baby) but some of it is just time for bonding. In fact, that's what they call it here in California. Bonding time.

So I have been thinking of a few things I'd like to do during that "bonding time" other than sitting around the house getting to know each other. With Jon's flexible scheduling at work we often have time midweek to throw something in. If we can afford it (which is a big if right now when I don't know how much my compensation will be while we're out) these are some things I've been thinking about doing.

Some more local and small scale things I am looking forward to include...

  • Toddler Story time at the local library once I can drive again
  • The return of the Downtown Turlock Farmer's Market in May
  • Being able to go to the park and actually keep up with my toddler because I am no longer very pregnant
  • Taking Layla to a place where she can paint pottery
  • Swimming Lessons at the local city pool

Most if not all of the things on this list I am looking forward to doing with both my girls (maybe not the swimming lessons) because I think it will be good for Layla to see that you can still do a million fun things while sharing Mommy with your sister.

Any ideas for other things I could try in the area?

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