Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What's that? Anyah...

So the first thing I want to point out is, the front of my belly is covered with stretchmarks and this photo has been cropped to hide my lack of makeup and huge ghetto booty...that's to help the other preggers out there that are comparing.

The second thing I'd like to point out is that I am 8 months pregnant and those jeans are the jeans I bought Jon's birthday weekend at Old Navy on our way home from San Francisco. They fit in August and they still fit now. It's vaguely creepy.
Today was my OBGYN appointment to check on the status of Miss Anyah. My blood pressure is still high and the Dr told me to check it whenever I could at work and let him know if it got any higher and no driving at night. Right now the plan is for me to work until April 9th or so unless something happens that would warrant me leaving earlier (like higher BP).
Anyah was doing lovely. She actually moved enough that he had to try three times to get her heartbeat. She had a lovely 140 bpm despite my blood pressure. She's measuring "small" which actually means average for a normal size person but considering how big our last baby was and how big I am the Dr was a little shocked.
I've lost 2 more lbs which I think officially means I lost all of the weight that I had finally put back on. That's fine.
I told my mom the other day that this pregnancy is completely different in many ways but the most noticable way for me (as a mommy) is that fact that last time I never felt like I looked pregnant until the VERY VERY end. And then I looked like a very pregnant very fat person. This time I feel very very pregnant looking and not so fat. I have a baby shelf that I could balance a remote control (or lots of blocks as Layla likes to) on. I'm just carrying completely differently.
So 3 weeks to my next appointment. Almost 4 weeks of work left. and a little less than 2 months until the lovely Miss Anyah arrives in person.
The only thing I am actually worried about at this point and hoping that people will pray for with me is that EMC changes their H1N1 regulations before Anyah arrives so Layla can meet her sister in the hospital. It's a big deal to me and I'd like to stop thinking about it every day.

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