Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This.Here.Baby- An Update

So today we had an OBGYN appointment. Mom dropped me off and took Laylabug for a ride in the car while I went in to see the Doctor. My blood pressure was better and worse all at the same time. The top number had dropped some from the moderate bedrest and the bottom number was still scary high.

My Dr asked how I was doing with the list of "no-no's" she had given to me and I was as honest with my replies. I've had lower back issues off and on for 3 or 4 days now. By today it's pretty much constant discomfort sprinkled with abdominal cramping...otherwise known as pre-term labor.

The Dr after some Q & A thinks that my high stress night (post family birthday dinner) probably re-increased my stress level and that's what started me further down the path I am on. She increased my list of bedrest rules and got me set up for a 24 hour urine test (to confirm I have pre-eclampsia...she's pretty sure I've moved up a level into that from just high blood pressure) and a sonogram to rule out IUGR because she said at this point she'd be shocked if they didn't have to move up my c-section date.

So I've got weekly OBGYN appointments from now on. I've got a sonogram on the 14th. And I've got strict instructions that if my blurry vision gets worse, or I get a headache I can't cope with, or upper torso cramps of any kind that I immediately go to the hospital because at this point the baby is far enough along she could be born and avoid me going into full fledged eclampsia or toxemia. She sees no need for me to turn yellow and loose liver function again like I did with Layla and she says we're on that path again...lucky us...

So if you're in the due date pool at work...the end of April is looking better for your odds.

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